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Burns Too Bright, Lives Too Fast

A Tragedy Starting To Happen

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Corner of the Park, Sunday Morning
feet-staring is his thing, staring at my feet in *sigh*
Winter had well and truly come to Fandom, and that meant there was even less for Arthur to do than usual. Hunting rabbits in this weather was little fun, even considering the distraction of Merlin attempting to be stealthy. His hands had been itching for something to do.

In the end, he'd decided to take Brynmor for a walk. The dog was practically ruined for hunting now, thank you, Francine and Merlin, but as a ways to keep him from driving everyone nuts by behaving like a caged tiger boredom the dog still functioned admirably.

He took a moment to pause by the pond, staring at the flamingoes sliding gracefully over the ice in ways flamingoes weren't supposed to slide, and shook his head.

Backing away from the ice, he took a seat on one of the benches, ordering Bryn to sit as well, and took a lump of wood from his pack. This was his second strategy to avoid that caged feeling: he examined the grain of it, then put the sharp edge of his knife to it, and began to shape.

[[ mainly for one, but open to others if they want to wander into Arthur's end of the park ]]

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Dinah had her phone in her pocket, and was now staring at the flamingos with her rented skates over her shoulder, shaking her head. It would take something like that to distract her, yes.

"Just when I think this place can't get weirder...."

"The birds aren't that bad," Arthur said, from his perch, where the wood was starting to assume some kind of shape. "At least they keep to themselves."

Dinah glanced over her shoulder, and quirked a smile at him. "Unlike the little hangover elves, or the snow angels?" It was pretty, watching them do ice ballet. She crouched down and held out one hand to the not-really-a-puppy any more. "Hey, Brynne. I have a prezzie for you back at the dorms. You too," she added over the dog's head to Arthur.

"The last thing she needs is more treats, Dinah," Arthur bitched good-naturedly. Bryn, obviously, had no compunction about sniffing at Dinah's hand while Arthur whittled at what, if you squinted, was starting to look a bit like a bird's head.

Dinah scritched under Brynne's jaw, and grinned at Arthur because, hey, finally Brynne was a she and he was finally admitting it. "But it's not like she doesn't deserve them," she tried, making a kissy-face at the dog. "Besides, it's Christmas! Treats for everyone!... and are you going artistic on me?" she asked, unable to hold back any longer.

If Dinah was expecting him to admit that he'd changed his mind, she was sadly mistaken. Instead, he groaned theatratically. "Honestly. Do you people have nothing better to do than falling all over that dog?" he asked. "And no. I'm just spending my time on something productive. You may have heard of the concept."

Merlin was totally going to wind up with an amateuristic wooden bird of prey, at this rate.

"I'm going skating. In a bit. It's break, Arthur." Not that she was sure he'd ever heard of the concept. Because being productive still involved doing something there. "Is that an eagle? And Brynne deserves love and attention for being cuuuuuuute." Ha.

"Are you, by any chance, six years old?" Arthur asked, lightly, because the 'cuuuute' part kind of warranted it. "It's not an eagle, and it's none of your concern." ...Yeah, winding up with Merlin all right. "So besides skating and being irritating, what are you doing for break?"

Dinah stuck out her tongue, not really disproving his point as she ruffled Brynne's ears. "Going home tonight," she said, sounding a bit more subdued. "Christmas stuff with my family in Gotham. I might be back before New Year's, might not." Depending on if she could get to Jak, if he needed rescuing, if that wasn't just a nightmare... she knew it wasn't a nightmare. "You?"

"Staying here," he granted, shifting a bit as he started to work on the... well, the beak, at this point. He was no craftsman, but it sort of looked all right. "Attending mass, enjoying the quiet of the island while you're gone..."

Dinah rolled her eyes, and said, "While everyone's gone. Hermit." The thingy he was working on was definitely a bird. Sort of. "Give it some feathers... Last semester before we graduate." And maybe then he and Merlin would get to go home. "Maybe the island will kick you off after the ceremony."

"I certainly hope so." Why, look, someone had made a remark about him going home that didn't make something twitch and curl in his stomach. Either that was progress, or Dinah had actually hit upon the one part of that that didn't make him feel conflicted. "And I'm not a hermit, it's just that the lot of you are very annoying."

Arthur was going to eat himself alive this week.

Well, it'd been a year. Bound to happen eventually. "You are very easily irritated, anyone ever told you that?" Dinah patted Brynne's head, then hesitantly said, "Arthur? Hypothetically... if someone were being held prisoner somewhere, with a lot of guards.... and you don't know the layout at all. And you've got one, maybe two people-- what would the best approach be?"

You know. In theory.

In theory. That was totally not going to be relevant to Arthur at any point in life. Nope.

"Obviously, you'd have to sneak in," he said, gesturing with his hand, "...Although if you're thinking of doing it, you're insane and suicidal, considering. But take in the building, see where people enter and leave, pick the least populated entrance and sneak in. Try to secure a guard's uniform - stealth would be your main priority." A pause. "Then hope God will give you an opportunity."

Well, sure, insane and suicidal, but hey, irrelevant. If she could get there-- wherever there was-- and Jak was still in jail, she was going to try. Helena might help. Daxter if she could find him.

"Guard. Slow entrance. Pray. Right." She shot him a look trying to mask her concentration. "Good advice. You know. If I need it."

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